Personal Application

Personal Application of Larry’s Strategies and Tactics

Ken from Africa –

“Hi Larry! Hope you’re doing well…I’m over in Africa with Clay Jackson (we’re opening up numerous countries for VEMMA where we have the # 1 international team.) Teaching African networkers what we learned from you 30 years ago in Herbalife (use-wear-talk, none some lots, consistency of effort, Jim Rohn’s material….you’ll be happy to know it still works and works extremely well in the 21st century, regardless of what internet gurus would lead people to believe…Add me to your friends list and have a Merry Christmas…hopefully we can have coffee when I’m back in Dallas.”


“Larry, great pleasure to be one of your students … thanks for all and have a great thanksgiving… you are the one and only number 1… hope to see you again. All the best for you and your family.”

The Leavitts’

 -  ”Larry, Our years of success date back to our early Herbalife days as top earners for 14 years. We contribute our success to your mentorship and the skills you taught us. Your teaching is ingrained into our heads and hearts thanks to your MILLIONAIRE TRAINING CD’s. We are blessed, after 20 plus years in this industry, to call you our mentor and dear friend. Your work ethic continues to amaze us, along with your commitment to your family, friends and teachings of the Lord. It is no wonder why your teachings have filtered down amongst the ranks of all leaders in network marketing, it was all God inspired and rooted in truth. Thank you for being real, for loving people, and for having the willingness to do all that you do for our profession. We are forever grateful!”
With Respect and Love, Matt and Nancy Leavitt

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