Module 102 – Activity 1- Exercise 1

Module 102 Exercise 1

Module 102 Exercise 1

Listen to the Module Audio Now and fill in the Exercise Blanks below.  Use the Answer Key at the end of the Exercise to score your growth.


  1.    The purpose of building an organization is to take your ______________ to the _______________ so you will have a solid retail_______________ upon which to build your business.
  2.   The two parts to recruiting are:
    1. a.   ___________________________________________
    2. b.   ___________________________________________
  3.    When looking for someone to talk to about your business opportunity, look for someone who is ________________.
  4. One of the things that most people are dissatisfied with is ______________________.
  5. Most people have a hard time seeing themselves earning an income that is more than ______________ their current income.
  6. You don’t have to talk to people about earning $50,000.00 a month to attract their attention. Most people would be excited about having an extra ______________ or _____________a month
  7. Generally, the things that slow us down are the things ______________and the things________________ on a daily basis.
  8. If things aren’t clear in your own mind, you will have a hard time ___________________ to people and people will have a hard time
  9. ___________________to you.

    If someone had an extra $300.00 a month, they would also have _____________________ times the lifestyle.

    10. Some people are satisfied with their current income but are dissatisfied with their _______________- or their lack of one.

    11. Some people are so dissatisfied that they would be willing to take _____________________ money just to get away from the bureaucracy, the control, and the egotism in the corporate world.

    12. Over _________% of the people who are involved in the multilevel industry are ___________________.

    13. You must create an_________________ that will be attractive to women who might be considering joining your organization.

    14. This industry offers an ___________________ opportunity to men and women.

    15. Rather than ___________________ people who have lost their jobs or teaching them new job skills, we should be training people how to be more________________.



16. Many people would like to make a career change. By age _______________ however, the responsibility of taking care of a ____________________ or the need for __________________makes it

seem as though they don’t really have much of a _______________.

17. Many people will use things like the security of a weekly ____________________ and health plans, and other company ___________________ to ________________ why they are going to

work for the next 30 years at jobs they hate.

18. We all need a certain amount of _________________ and ____________________ to make us grow and to add happiness to our lives.

19. Everyone has to deal with ___________________. It is by learning how to deal with these challenges that we _____________________ more.

20. It is hard to have a lot of ____________________ in your life when you are constantly concerned about your finances.

21. Having more ________________ does not mean you will automatically have more fun in your life. However, it does increase your capacity for enjoying life.

22. There are a lot of people who are looking for some ___________________ some ___________________ and something to


23. The term “cocooning” was coined by trend forecaster Faith Popcorn to describe the way in which people today are_____________ into their homes in an attempt to ________________ themselves from the outside world.

24. We all have a necessity to belong to something that is ____________________ than we are and that has a stronger ____________________ than what we have to deal with on a daily basis.

25. One of the many advantages to Wealth Building is the ____________________ and the group ____________________ that brings people together.

26. Some people will join your organization just for the fun of ______________________ to something and feeling ____________________ about belonging to something.

27. Fun is either ____________________ of your life or it isn’t.

28. Fun becomes a part of your life when you are no longer _____________________ with one or more areas of your life.

29. We need to add more __________________ to all aspects of our


Answer Key to Module 102 Exercise 1

  1. Products, Marketplace, Foundation
  2. Finding Someone to talk to, Talk to them
  3. Dissatisfied
  4. Money/
  5. Double
  6. $300,000 -- $400,000
  7. We say, We do
  8. Relating, Relating
  9. Four
  10. Career
  11. Less
  12. 80%, Women
  13. Environment
  14. Equal
  15. Retraining, Self-Reliant
  16. 35, Family, Security, Choice
  17. Paycheck, Benefits,Justify
  18. Challenge, Creativity
  19. Adversity/Challenges/Become Isolate
  20. Fun
  21. Money
  22. Fun, Direction, Belong
  23. Retreating, Isolate
  24. Bigger, Meaning
  25. Spirit, Unity
  26. Belonging, Special
  27. A part
  28. Dissatisfied
  29. Fun

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