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Over forty-five years ago, I made a discovery that completely changed my life...

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At the time, I was employed as a construction worker in Northern California. Like most of my friends, I was living from paycheck to paycheck, struggling just to break even every month. It never occurred to me to consider another career. I'd been in the construction trade since I was thirteen years old. My father, my brothers and my cousins were also in construction, so it seemed like the logical place for me to be, too. Beside. I really didn't have the education or the experience to do anything else - or so I thought at the time. Because of the seasonal nature of my work, it wasn't easy trying to plan for the future_ In fact, I never thought much beyond the next job or the next few months. About the only goal I remember having back then was to earn $25,000. I used to think that if I could just earn $25,000 a year, I'd have it made. I never did make it to the $25,000 mark in construction. And even if I had, it probably wouldn't have made much of a difference. I might have been able to afford to buy a slightly better car or to live in a more comfortable apartment, but my life really wouldn't have changed very much. In no time at all I probably would have been saying, "'If I could just earn $30,000 a year- then I'd really have it made!" But we all know how that goes. When your annual income is only creeping up by small degrees, it doesn't take long for your expenses to catch up with your paycheck. As long as I remained where I was and how I was, regardless of how hard I worked on my job, things were never really going to change for me. Then in 1968, something incredible happened to me. A friend of mine invited me to attend a business meeting with him one evening, and it was at this meeting that I had my first exposure to the direct sales industry. The people conducting the meeting that night talked about their products and their marketing plan. But that wasn't what affected me. What affected me was their philosophy. They genuinely believed, that despite having no education and no prior business experience, I could do something incredible with my life. As it turned out, the people conducting that meeting were some of the original founders of multilevel marketing. Before the evening was through, they had opened up my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. One of the most fascinating concepts they shared with us that night was about building wealth. They said that there was a system to building wealth and that it could be taught to anybody. Just as the skills of accounting can be taught and learned. w can the skills of wealth building. Just as the skills of brain surgery or school teaching or construction work can be taught and learned, so can the skills of wealth building. To build wealth, it only takes three things: 1. Someone who knows the skills; 2. Someone who is willing to teach the skills; and 3. Someone who is willing to learn the skills. I remember sitting there in that meeting and thinking, is it really possible? Is it really possible that someone like me, with limited education, and limited business experience, and limited capital, could learn wealth building skills? To be honest with you, I really wasn't sure if I could do it However, I was so inspired by what they said that I decided to try. For some reason that I will never understand, these gentlemen took a liking to me. Maybe the fact that I was a long-haired, hippie construction worker represented a special challenge to them. (While everyone else was wearing conservative suits and ties, I had dressed for the meeting in my boots, leather jacket and beads.) Maybe they just sensed that I was ready to make some major changes in my life and that I would be willing to learn all that they had to teach. But whatever the reason, about a year later, they took me into their inner circle and offered to share with me the secrets that have enabled me to completely revolutionize my life. In exchange for this priceless education, my mentors exacted two promises from me. The first promise was to put into immediate use all that I would learn. One of the first things they taught me was that ideas have no value until they arc coupled with intense activity. You can have all of the answers to doing well in life, but until you take that knowledge and apply it consistently to everything you do things will never change for you. The second promise was that once I had put together my personal fortune, I must share all that I had learned with as many people as I could possibly reach. Their goal was to put together a special group of people who would carry the ideals and principles upon which they had built their success to future generations. My good fortune was to have been one of the select few who was invited to join that group. The creation of the Millionaire Training and The Wealth Building represents just a few of the ways in which I have endeavored to fulfill that promise. Over the last 45 years. I have used these concepts to create an incredible fortune. I tell you this not to impress you with how much money I have earned but rather to impress you with the fact that by learning thcse concepts and by applying these principles, a long-haired , hippie construction worker from Northern California, with no education. no business experience, and no money, was able to completely revolutionize his life. Today, I am a very wealthy man. Not just financially. Money is the least of all values. I am a wealthy man because of my marriage and my family, my friends and my business associates, my attitude and my philosophy. Forty-five years ago, I was taught what real wealth is all about - it's about building a life of substance, based on strong moral values and high personal standards. Real wealth isn't an amount. Real wealth consists of living your life to its fullest capacity and experiencing the vast richness of the whole human experience. They could take away everything I own tomorrow, but they could never take away the wealth I carry within me. The confidence I have developed, the skills I have mastered and the personal growth I have experienced over the last 45 years are the greatest treasures I own , and those treasures are mine to keep and to use and to invest for the rest of my life. In developing this Learning Module, I have tried to capture many of the wealth building secrets my mentors shared with me and to translate those concepts into strategies and tactics for doing business in the twenty-first century. I would encourage you to study each page in this module very carefully and to complete every exercise as thoroughly as possible, because what you are about to learn could have a dramatic effect on your life! I would also urge you to begin applying the insights you gain from this Activity Module and from all of the other Wealth Building Learning Modules immediately. Don 't wait until you have completed the last exercise in this Activity Module or fully metabolized the entire Audio Module to begin your journey of incredible achievements. Start the process today! Remember, these ideas have no value until YOU put them to work. If you are serious about building wealth, then you must also be serious about taking what you have learned and making it count for something. That’s what building wealth is all about – taking all that you are and all that you are in the process of becoming, and using those things to make a major difference, not only in your life, but in the lives of those around you With the information contained in the Wealth Building Learning Modules, you can achieve anything you want! And as a participant in the direct sales industry, I am confident that you can go further than you’ve every dreamed possible. May all of your achievements exceed your goals! LT


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