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A successful 45 year career in the Direct Sales Industry, Larry Thompson is an innovative executive who transforms products, and brands into industry leaders.  His formula for success was created from humble beginnings and is the underlying principle from which he has launched start up companies and successfully matured them to public offerings.

Larry was a distributor and mentor for many direct sales and marketing organizations prior to beginning Herbalife International with Mark Hughes.  Herbalife International embarked on a new market segment with herbal remedies and began selling products from the trunk of their cars.  This new market segment became a category creator for the wellness industry and the birth of a global public company called Herbalife, which today, has sales revenue of over three billion dollars.  Larry was intricately involved in the foundational years of Herbalife International and directly responsible for most of the decisions which enabled them to sustain their market position now 30 plus years later. Larry directed an innovative and re-branding strategy for Herbalife, Int., an accomplishment that today, still holds the same pride for him years later.

He is a bottom line executive supported by progressively responsible experience throughout his career.   His sales leadership acumen allows him to consistently navigate complex dynamic environments, in the US as well as multi-nationally. Larry is very effective at developing sales strategies and devising effective measures to build and grow organizations.  He is skilled at contract negotiation, agreement structuring and operational level agreements to create long term ROI maximization.

As a consultant he provides invaluable experience to start up companies and companies that are matured in their sales strategy to provide energy that’s needed to explode sales growth.  A dynamic leader in the direct selling and network marketing industry, Larry developed and simplified sales strategies, which companies today still try to emulate.

He is a masterful communicator, effective negotiator, and motivational team builder, known by many as the “ The Mentor to The Millionaires.” Larry is a dynamic trainer and motivational speaker with engagements nationally as well as globally. Over 30 years ago, he developed a wealth building mentoring system, which today is still the most highly sought after training in direct sales and network marketing; standing the test of time because of it’s underlying principles. The Wall Street Journal called Larry Thompson, “The Architect of Wealth Building.”


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