One Day at a Time, One Brick at a Time

One Day at a Time, One Brick at a Time It’s fascinating to watch what happens at a construction site. For a long time, it looks like nothing is going on. You see a lot of people walking around and hear the constant rumble of heavy equipment, but that’s about it. Then all of a sudden, a frame goes up. Shortly after that, the open frame is transformed into solid walls of brick and glass. Then the roof goes on and the landscapers begin to work their magic. Before you know it, what was once an empty lot has been converted into a towering building that will soon be housing hundreds of...

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Personal Application

Personal Application of Larry’s Strategies and Tactics Ken from Africa – “Hi Larry! Hope you’re doing well…I’m over in Africa with Clay Jackson (we’re opening up numerous countries for VEMMA where we have the # 1 international team.) Teaching African networkers what we learned from you 30 years ago in Herbalife (use-wear-talk, none some lots, consistency of effort, Jim Rohn’s material….you’ll be happy to know it still works and works extremely well in the 21st century, regardless of what internet gurus would lead people...

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